Jacqueline Berg


Jacqueline Berg is a teacher of meditation, an experienced speaker, a dialogue partner and forum leader specialized in spirituality and self-awareness.

Jacqueline Berg was born in Hilversum, the Netherlands in 1953. She has worked for different  publishers  (Goois Weekblad, VNU, Telegraaf Magazines division).

In 1989, as chief-editor of Panacea, she published the first glossy magazine on spirituality, health and the environment.

In 1992, her life dramatically changed when she had two confrontations with death which challenged her to seek a balance between sickness and health.  At first, to process and accept drastic setbacks seemed to be an impossible life task:

“I had the feeling that there was a black line going through my life’s happiness.  It was as if fate had an unjust way of keeping me on the outside. However, when rest and silence have taken their places, you learn to listen to your inner voice.  When you understand the meaning of your own life, this gives way to freeing yourself from feelings of self-pity and playing the victim role.

After a period of denial, depression and confrontation came a feeling of rest and I began to see the deeper dimensions of life.  When one accepts oneself and your own existence, one learns to take your destiny in your own hands and make choices that are applicable to you.

You get a new life where all aspects of being your own person are integrated and the respect you have for yourself and others begins to rise far above all other experiences.”