Jacqueline Berg


Over the last years Jacqueline Berg has had a number discussions on themes like freedom of choice, image building, fear, surrender, motivation and compassion.

She spoke with Wilco van Rooijen (mountain climber and professional adventurer) Stef Bos (composer, text writer and performer), Adelheid Roosen (theater maker), Marcel Messing (anthropologist, philosopher and author), Roy Martina (holistic doctor), Pim van Lommel (cardiologist and writer of Endless Awareness), Karen Hamaker-Zondag (Jungians psychologist, astrologist and author), Jaap Westerbos (trainer and author), Jan Geurtz (addiction therapist and author, Helena Klitsie (philosopher and author), Leo Feijen (editor/presenter of religious program for KRO and author); Christine Pannebakker (author), Mariette Christophe (commissar Amsterdam-Amstelland), Frits Hermans (present manager of Shell Research & Technology Centre Amsterdam), Pim Valkenberg (University head professor of systematic theology and director of teaching Facility Theology Catholic University Nijmegen; publisher), Ted Boeree (ex-train conductor; author Together it should work and founder of Vangrail) Maurice Knegtel (Zen teacher and author), Erik Bruyn (psychodynamic therapist and author), Erik Post (radio presenter Radio Rijnmond), Bouke de Boer (mental coach of the Dutch men’s hockey team; founder of the Dutch Trainings Institute), Willem Glaudemans (author of The Wonder of Forgiveness) and Ad Verbrugge (Social- and Cultural philosopher; lecturer at Free University Amsterdam); Arie Boomsma (tv-presenter, author).