Jacqueline Berg


Jacqueline Berg has written three books.
In 1992 her handbook was published on positive thinking: ‘Happiness? How boring!’ (with cooperation from Tijn Touber).  This popular course book  is only available via internet sites or at libraries.

Jacqueline Berg’s second book ‘Patience of a Saint’ was published in 1994 and is only available via internet sites or at libraries.

At the beginning of 2006 her English book, ‘Touched by God’ was published, which relates the spiritual experiences of women from all walks of life. (ISBN 1-886872-29-5).

Jacqueline Berg about Touched by God:

“I was born with a feeling of respect for the female strength.

Despite all the many painful experiences a woman has to go through in her life, she still knows how to stay true to her innate values like love, loyalty, forgiveness and mercy.

With these unbelievable, almost super terrestrial, power a woman can not only respond to these challenges but is also capable of conquering her own doubts and fears.  Courage especially makes a woman capable of beginning her life all over again from nothing.


Dignity and appreciation

When a woman does not feel strong enough to conquer her weaknesses or if she has too little self esteem, she can land in a vicious circle of respect and disrespect, dependence and independence, willpower and desperation.  She can even temporarily lose her dignity.  Every woman knows that but it happens to almost every woman in her life time.

Despite or maybe because of some humiliating situations, a woman has an unlimited vitality and resilience.  Female power plays an important role within relationships and family and this power is often underestimated and underappreciated  in its contribution to our society and professional lives worldwide.


Feminine and masculine

For years affinity has brought me to this conclusion – years of spirituality has made me realize that the female power is also available within man himself.  And also vice versa: a woman can bear the male energy where she is looking for within herself.

Men and women have both the male and female principles and energy at their disposal.  In meditation, where your own male and female principles are no longer denied or suppressed but are merged into a full, non dualistic, harmonious awareness which makes the experience of the spiritual self complete.

At this moment a flowing man woman existence comes together and a lost divinity returns and mutual respect is reborn.”