Jacqueline Berg


‘Sickness brings not only a change in one’s thinking but it allows you also to re-charge your belief systems and emotions.’


Head and heart

“If you have too much going on in your head then you need a ratio change from your feelings to your intuition for more inner balance and harmony within.

If you get tied up in your emotions, it is through returning intelligence to your heart that a balance is created between your feelings and thinking.  It is all about an equal cooperation between, head, heart and hands.  It is about the integration of head and heart: word and image.


Free thoughts

I have realized that writing and painting are often very good healers during an illness.  They can help you to express your ideas and feelings.  If you are too weak to function, often new thoughts take shape in the form of poetry.  Thoughts and feelings that you normally would not experience because they are too painful or intimate, often come to light.

When you give these new thoughts a place in your life, you learn another dimension of yourself.”