Jacqueline Berg

Spiritual Health

In 1987, Jacqueline Berg set up the Working group Spiritual Health.  The purpose of this group was to integrate spiritual wellness in the already existing health system.


Another side of yourself

“It is imperative, now more than ever, to understand sickness and health from a  holistic perspective.  The many aspects of wholeness and damage, power and vulnerability need to have their own treatment and special attention.

Often illness or disease reoccur through our physical being. However, pain and suffering can have a spiritual origin as well as a physical, mental or emotional background.  Loneliness is often more than a feeling of being alone or cut-off from things.  Depression is a lot more than a broken will or a feeling of going nowhere.

Sickness makes your time stop and it gives you the opportunity to experience life from an unusual angle.  Destructive emotions like self-criticism, shame or jealousy are often exposed and then gradually give you the freedom to develop another side of yourself.


Healing with awareness

If you seek contact with your very essence of being, you begin to realize that you have possibly neglected your spiritual self.

You have underestimated and denied your own uniqueness.  In a period of  illness you can allow your own intuition and clairvoyance to develop and learn to heal from the inside.


Spiritual health

Healing with awareness is the crown on the inner work of healing and transformation, but also from a spiritual side, if we can say goodbye to life without pain, guilt, shame or regret.  This is a loving gift to yourself and others.  Dignity and self-realization are eternal treasures which will travel with the soul forever.

If spirituality was added as an appreciated component to medical science and health care, disease and illness (self healing) would give a human being his autonomy back and responsibility for healing would be a collective project.”



Regularly programs are organized through the Work group Spiritual Health for health workers from the regular and alternative (additional) medical world.

Will to be well (1987); Mind over Matter (1988); Paradox of Pain (1989),  The Healing Power of Happiness (1991); The Magic Medicine of Love (1992); Patient or Patience (1994); The Healers Mind (1996); Exhausted? Burnt-out? (1999); Dying as a Life Art (2000); The Health of the Soul (2000);  Don’t Care (2001); Spiritual Powers in Direct Care (2002); Messages of the Mind (2003); Compassion as Self-Care (2004); Lightening the pain (2005); Love and Care (2005);  Resilience (2006);  Enlightened Death (2006); Without Words (2007), Care and Balance (2008).