Jacqueline Berg

Addiction and Imprisonment

Jacqueline Berg has cooperated with the Consultation Bureau of Alcohol and Drugs (CAD) from 1993 to 2000.

Jacqueline Berg has given courses in consciousness and inner growth to different groups of long-term drug-addicted criminals at the Detox division in Demersluis in the Penitentiary Over-Amstel (PIOA) or as it is called the Bijlmerbajes.

Since 2002 she has also given in-house training to members of different judicial bodies.  These programs are aimed at getting the criminal back into society.  Rehabilitation is supported by different trainings and programs.

In 2008 Jacqueline Berg has given intensive self-esteem programs to veteran prisoners, as part of a rehabilitation program by the Penitentiary Coordination and Trainings Centre  (PCT) in Breda.

She helps people to achieve inner peace, confidence and self-respect after a period of detention.  She helps them find a spiritual meaning  to non-violence and to give them a deeper insight into their new personal and social life in society.

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