Jacqueline Berg


Jacqueline Berg lectures in various places in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe.  She particularly likes to share her thoughts on love and relationships which are close to her heart.



“Important aspects of love for me are vulnerability, faithfulness, loyalty, forgiveness, respect, integrity, fearlessness and trust.  It can be about the love you have for yourself or for others”

Themes that are on the foreground in intimate relationships which cause a lot of pain, sorrow and humiliation are infidelity, violence and misuse of power, co-dependency and addiction.  There are presently a lot of training programs which you can follow with your partner where you can heal and keep the relationship going.  Or where you can finalize your relationship by giving the other the space to further develop.



Silence, non-violence and detachment are not often listed as ingredients for personal empowerment and healing within relationships.  Probably because they are not the first things that come to mind when your relationship is in danger. But perhaps they will emerge at the end.

Silence, non-violence and detachment are not only spiritual words but especially spiritual experiences.  In meditation, these words take on more meaning and become stronger inside yourself.”


Titles of lectures

From Suffering to Love, Soul Healing, The Sacred Matrimony, From Fear to Safety, The Future of Love, The Language of the Future, Peace Doves and Happiness Birds, Letting Go in Love, The Cross and the Thorn, The Awakened Heart , The Power of Gentleness, The Rhythm of Rest, Together in Silence, Finding Loyalty, Wings of the Soul, Walk your Talk, Harbor of the Heart, The Courage to love, the Kiss and the Sacrifice, The Journey and the Destination, Healing feelings, Escapes, The Sound of a true heart, Love is an art of life, Softer, Letting go of the Past, Travelling Light, is Karma Mandatory?