Jacqueline Berg


Jacqueline Berg helps people to find their inner rest so that they can feel at home in their own inner world.  As mentor, she is in contact with specific groups of people who she coaches to learn how to mentally relax and meditate.



“Meditation has lost its image of incense and woolly socks. Scientists have investigated the effects of meditation and  have come to a very positive conclusion that the effects could increase concentration.

People who meditate regularly know this from their own experience.


A gentle method

Spiritual reflection, quiet exercises and meditation make your mind more peaceful, calm and positive.  Meditation also helps traumatic events to become less painful to process.  One can learn to deal with physical pain by regularly meditating.  It is a sympathetic method which wins many points when dealing with the struggle of experiencing pain.



Meditation has for me another meaning and that is the development of my spiritual self.  Through getting to know your own soul and God again you can get your inner light and clarity back.  This state of awareness, which sometimes, rather abusively, is seen as Enlightenment, is the first step to self-realization. The realization of your divine self – or enlightened perfection – comes gradually to its full potential through spiritual empowerment.


Patience and trust

Through the healing process, you need to have  patience and trust to be able to receive wholeness and so also by spiritual transformation. You begin to rediscover your authenticity, harmony between your male and female principles. Your thinking pattern of destructive and negative emotions is replaced with positive ideas (e.g. from revenge into forgiveness).


My life’s work

Just like emptiness, boredom and apathy are replaced with appreciation and gratefulness and a respectful attitude for others and those around us.  In addition, the development of a pure inner power, the forming of an additional spiritual perception of God and the trust and belief in relationships.  This has everything to do with embracing life to its fullest.

For me, this is my life’s work.’



Jacqueline Berg has had a natural interest in spirituality from an early age.  She is widely read – from Krishnamurti and Gandhi to Osho, Gurdjieff and Tibetan Buddhism.

This background reading material has been the basis of her spiritual development.  In the last thirty years, spirituality and the practice of meditation have been the most important aspect in her life.