Jacqueline Berg

Peace Work

The basic principal behind her work for peace is the vision that everyone has a spiritual right to live a life in peace and freedom – with themselves, others and the world.

From 1982 Jacqueline has been involved with the peace work of the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Academy (www.bksa.org).  With this unique spiritual organization, she has learned so much about spiritual love, consciousness, spiritual growth and transformation processes. She established and developed the Spiritual Academy in the Netherlands and headed the activities of the organisation, now comprised of over 10 branches. She is the President of the board.



She was the Dutch coordinator of three large international peace projects where the United Nations gave different ‘Peace Messenger Awards’: Million Minutes of Peace (1986), Global Co-Operation for a Better World (1988) and Sharing our Values for a Better World (1955).  She was involved with the UNESCO peace project, ‘Manifesto 2000’, for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence.

Jacqueline Berg also worked on establishing the international project ‘Just a Minute’ where Dutch photographers expressed their experiences of silence through the camera.

In 2011 in New Delhi (Gurgaon),India, she met with the medical staff of the Paras Hospital; at the Amity Institute in Gurgaon she gave a lecture about Developing a stress free working culture for 200 students of the Amity Institute.

Since 1983 Jacqueline has been the president of the board of the Brahma Kumaris Spirituele Academie in the Netherlands (volonteer services).



She did the introductory meditation during the universal peace congress ‘The Past Healing, the Future Sharing.’  It was during the 60-year commemoration of the end of the second World War at the Klooster Church in the Hague (2005).

In Velp, at the lustrum symposium of the Elisabeth Kübler Ross Foundation on Living, Dying and Transforming, Jacqueline Berg participated giving a lecture ‘1000 deaths – the ego death as the transformation of consciousness’ (2009).