Jacqueline Berg

Positive Thinking

In 1987 Jacqueline Berg developed a positive thinking course which is given in many countries worldwide.


A fulfilling life

“Learning to think positively and constructively is far better than repetitive positive sentences or trying to talk yourself into being optimistic.  It is an art of life that stimulates your mental capacities, increases your resilience and stabilizes your emotions.

If you learn to think more realistically about yourself, it gives you an advantage to having a happier and more fulfilling life.  Often cynics and negative minded people do not belief in this constructive power possibly because they themselves do not fully utilize the possibilities. Simply a lack of good experiences.


From self-hate to self-respect

From the moment that I started to explore the possibilities of the power of positive thinking, I have experienced not only the advantages of this knowledge but also came to see the darker side of it.

Negative and destructive thoughts destroy your life’s happiness and terrorize harmonious relationships, and also take away the hope of your own self-growth.  Self-hate and self-denial can only transform into self-acceptance and self-respect when you develop a totally new outlook on yourself, based on a constructive and spiritual way of thinking.”


Workshops and courses

For many years now Jacqueline Berg has given many workshops, lectures and courses in the art of positive thinking to different groups, like the police, criminal drug addicts and medical professionals.