Jacqueline Berg

Special Interest Workshops

Together with Daniel de Lange (Akzo Nobel) Jacqueline Berg designed a day program called ‘Inner Leadership for young professionals’ (Amsterdam 2007).

She has given mediation sessions for talented young professionals from the private and public sector: ‘To be Master of your own Feelings’, Noordwijk aan Zee (2004, 2006, 2007, 2008).

Jacqueline Berg gave workshops ‘silence, rest and reflection’ with meditations on the theme day for ambitious thirty-year olds ‘how fast can you go’, organized by Twynstra Gudde Advisors and Managers (2009).

Jacqueline held a workshop on ‘Inner Leadership’ at the Clinical Leadership program for medical specialists (Epe, 2017); she gave a presentation (interactive with silent reflections) ‘From Stress to Serenity’ (Epe, 2018).

She has organized several retreats and has given special interest workshops abroad, among others Emotional Intelligence for Police, South Africa 2001 (Durban); The Sacred marriage, for partners, Italy 2003 (Gubbio); The Alchemy of Love, Italy 2008 (Gubbio); Soulhealing, Belgium 2011 (Brussels); Silence & Spirituality, Poland 2011 (Bukowina Tatrzanska); The Alchemy of Love, Denmark 2014 (Djursland); The Silence Experience, Italy 2015 (Gubbio); Spiritual Detoxing through Silence, Italy 2016 (Gubbio); The Song Divine, Germany 2017 (Moringen); This is Me, Germany 2018 (Moringen).